04 Jun 2012

Jules Audemars Mens Self-Winding 151700R.OO.A002CR.01

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by Jerrica Tisdale

Audemars Piguet watches highlight the beauty of luxury with their craftsmanship, innovation, and design. For decades, jetsetters trust the Audemars Piguet brand for their timepiece needs.  Audemars Piguet, always a good choice for those that want quality lasting watches, once again offers beauty and elegance with their Jules Audemars Men’s Self-Winding 151700R.OO.A002CR.01 watch.

This beautiful watch radiates in pink gold. The black crocodile leather strap and black dial both help illuminate the gold, creating an exquisite balance of the two colors.

Besides the two perfectly united colors, there are many stunning features of this watch. Here are just a few that make the Jules Audemars 151700R.00.A002CR.01 standout among the crowd:

  • 40 Jewels
  • 280 Parts
  • Scratch resistant crystal
  • Calendar
  • There are no numerical clock numbers
  • 39mm x 9mm case diameter
  • Winds bidirectional
  • Water resistant to 20 meters
  • Hand sewn

The really cool things about this watch is the pink gold and the delicate care Audemars Piguet put into designing this watch, like they do with all their others.

Jules Audemars 15171OR.ZZ.A002CR.01

Jules Audemars 15171OR.ZZ.A002CR.01

Jules Audemars 1517OOR.OO.AOO2CR.01

Jules Audemars 1517OOR.OO.AOO2CR.01

A couple of watches in the Jules Audemars collection resemble this watch exactly.  Therefore, if you like the style of this watch but want more advance features, then you may be able to find one that better suits your needs. The watch that closely matches the Jules Audemars 151700R.00.A002CR.01 is the 15171OOR.ZZ.A002CR.01. They have all the same features, and almost the same design. The only glaring difference is that the JA 151700R.ZZ.A002CR.01 has diamonds on the case. It contains seventy diamonds. The Jules Audemars 151700R.00.A002CR.01 retails for $21,400 and the 15171OOR.ZZ.A002CR.01 retails for $25,300. Thus, choosing between the watches really depends on pricing and the diamonds.

Overall, the Jules Audemars 151700R.00.A002CR.01 has many positive attributes, but a few negative ones. Here are some of them:


  • The balancing of the pink gold and black makes it look eye-catching
  • The watch looks masculine, but not overpowering with the design.


  • The non-numerical clock makes it very difficult to read the time.
  • The watch looks small for a men’s watch.

The Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars Men’s Self-Winding 151700R.OO.A002CR.01 is a very nice men’s watch. It manages to combine elegancy and masculinity, something many watches fail to do. What makes this watch unique is the gold does not distract or take away from the overall design. Gold watches can, occasionally, become too feminine if it’s paired with the wrong colors and design. This is not the case. Everything balances perfectly, and all the features work together amazingly. The only major negative of this watch is the lack of numerals. You’d have to memorize the clock to read the time. Audemars Piguet has created another nearly flawless timepiece with the 151700R.00.A002CR.01.

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