29 May 2012

Audemars Piguet Women’s Jules Audemars 15159BC.ZZ.D002CR.01

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by Jerrica Tisdale

As the site advertises “Audemars Piguet draws upon its unique blend of tradition, experience and knowledge in order to push the boundaries of fine watch-making and reinvent the rules the manufacture so perfectly masters.

It is one of the oldest watch-making companies to keep the business family owned. This  means the company prides themselves on creating quality innovative watches. If your family’s business and name depended on executing excellency, wouldn’t you put everything into your watches?

So want to try one of their watches out? Well..one from their popular Jules Audemars collection that strikes attention is the Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars 15159BC.ZZ.D002CR.01.

The Jules Audemars 15159BC.ZZ.D002CR.01 is full of diamonds and glare proofed sapphire crystal. It also includes blackened gold that’s applied on the Arabic numerals and hand. It also has a crocodile leather folding clasp. Some other cool features are:

  • Stop balance when setting time
  • Water-resistant to 20 meters
  • It’s hand-stitches on the straps
  • Contains 40 jewels
  • 4.26 mm

The 15159BC.ZZ.D002CR.01 is a stunning watch that vibrates the saying “diamonds are a girl’s best friend by letting the diamond and the white gold shine.

Jules Audemars 15159OR.ZZ.D002CR.01

Jules Audemars 15159OR.ZZ.D002CR.01

Jules Audemars 15159BC.ZZ.D002CR.01

Jules Audemars 15159BC.ZZ.D002CR.01

If you really like the design of this watch but would prefer a few changes, then the Jules Audemars 15159OR.ZZ.D002CR.01 might be an alternative for you. These watches have all the same features, but the Jules Audemars 15159OR.ZZ.D002CR.01 has a regular yellow gold casing, but the other watch has a white casing. There is only a slight price difference between the watches, as well.  The 15159OR.ZZ.D002CR.01 retails for $110,500 and the 15159BC.ZZ.D002.CR.01 is $113,700. Both watches are stunning, and  don’t have a major price difference, so it  really depends on if you prefer white or yellow gold on your watch.

There are a lot of positives of the Jules Audemars 15159BC.ZZ.D002CR.01, but some negatives about them too. Here are a few of the positives and negatives.


  • The crocodile black strap helps it from being too striking
  • The diamonds really standout, but they’re small so it doesn’t overpower the piece
  • The watch has numerical numbers, instead of Roman ones, so this makes it easy to read the time on it
  • It looks classy, not showy


  • The straps being crocodile, not plastic, or other, might make it hard, or uncomfortable to adjust
  • The diamonds being so small, it’s likely they may fall out of the watch over time
  • Containing no calendar feature may make it unappealing to some
  • Great to look at, but may be impractical to wear

The Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars 15159BC.ZZ.D002CR.01 manages to marry expensive and classic tastes. The diamonds and white gold make it appealing to women who want to standout among their peers, but simple touches like the crocodile strap and clock keep it looking classic. It’s really an almost perfect marriage of the two elements of classic and modern. A girl who dreams of being Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s will delight in finding a watch that matches her style. For the simple girl, this may not be as appealing, but even she has to admit, this is a stunning watch.

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