Audemars Piguet History

Jules Audemars and Edward Pigue

Jules Audemars and Edward Piguet

In 1875 two young entrepreneurs from Le Brassus joined their collective genius creating Audemars Piguet, Jules Audemars was only 23 and Edward Piguet was but 21 and already they were trained in the craft of watch making.  Geneva was keeping these two busy with orders and instead of supplying parts they made for others they decided to start their own company.

Audemars was in charge of the technical and production side of the business while Piguet headed up sales and management.  This division of responsibility holds true to this day with the heirs of the families.  Audemars Piguet is still owned by the founding families and is the oldest watch manufacturer who still has members of the family on the board.

A travel through time shows some of their contributions to the watch world that include the grand complication created in 1899 that featured grand and small strike and minute repeaters with three gongs.  It had an alarm on independent gongs, split seconds hand, fifth of a second indication on the chronograph and deadbeat seconds.  A world record was set in 1915 with their creation of the smallest five minute repeater and it remains unrivaled to this day.
The first jumping wristwatch was created in 1921.  The smallest hand-wound movement in a wristwatch was created in 1946.  A perpetual calendar mechanism was created that takes into consideration leap years in 1955.  There are many more “firsts” for this brand but their latest is in 2005 when they launched the Edward Piguet Moss Agate Tourbillon, the first watch with a plate in moss agate, a tribute to the founder and a beautiful inclusion of natures beauty in a fine timepiece.